William Airey Deposition and New Trial Date

The deposition of William Airey was taken last week in Columbus, Ohio. Mr. Airey denied abusing the plaintiff Jason Peck. When asked questions about three other men who have come forward with allegations of childhood sexual abuse by him, Mr. Airey invoked his 5th Amendment rights to refuse to answer on the grounds that it might incriminate him. He refused to testify as to whether he even knew any of these three alleged victims.

Additionally, Mr. Airey testified that in the late 1960’s he was arrested in Columbus on charges of lewd and lascivious conduct. This criminal charge was the result of the police having found Mr. Airey in his car in a parking area at night. There was a male student, who was not a minor, in the passenger seat who was performing oral sex on Mr. Airey. Mr Airey had no memory as to the identity of this student, how he met him and how he got into his car. After being arrested he called his wife and the President of the Ohio State Moose Association, who bailed him out of jail. Airey was advised by the President to resign his position as manager of Moose Lodge 11. Mr. Airey did not recall the outcome of the criminal prosecution.

Several years later, Airey was a charter member of Whitehall, Ohio Lodge 1245 until he was hired by Moose International in Aurora, Illinois in 1983. He was appointed to the post of Director General of the Loyal Order of Moose and Chief Executive Officer of Moose International in 2006, after holding several positions in the Membership, Marketing and Development departments. He announced his retirement as Director General of Moose International in December 2012, shortly after Jason Peck sued him for alleged child sex abuse.

The trial of Peck v. Airey is now scheduled to begin on May 12, 2014 in Columbus, Ohio.

 We strongly encourage anyone who was ever sexually abused by William Airey to come forward and contact us.  I can be reached at 704-377-1504, Co-counsel Leto Copeley’s number is 888-407-5921 and Konrad Kircher, can be reached in Mason, Ohio at 513-229-7996 You are not alone and you may still be able to take legal action.

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