L.A. church leaders sought to hide sex abuse cases from authorities

The Los Angeles Times  published a story about the steps that leaders of the Los Angeles Diocese took to cover up priests who were known child molesters. No wonder that Diocese fought so long to keep those documents confidential.


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William Airey, Former Director General and CEO of Moose International Filed Answer to Suit by Jason Peck Alleging Child Sexual Abuse

Mr. Airey filed his Answer to the Complaint filed on Behalf of Jason Peck in which he denied the core allegations pertaining to child sexual abuse and prior investigations into alleged sexual misconduct. The parties will now move forward with what is known as the Discovery process. This typically includes having to answer written questions under oath, the production of documents to the other side and giving sworn testimony under oath to the opposing party.

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The Terrible Truth About Jimmy Saville

A chilling official report into Jimmy Saville, the deceased BBC host was just released. This investigation confirmed that Saville had sexually abused or molested more than 200 children. He abused children  beginning in 1955 and continued abusing or assaulting others until 2009, when he was in his 80′s.

There is much to be learned from this report that has application  to child molesters and their victims.  Here are a few of the quotes that resonated with me:

“It could be said that he groomed a nation,” Mr. Spindler, the Scotland Yard commander, said in a BBC interview after the report was published. “He was hiding in plain sight, and none of us was able to do anything about it.”

“This whole sordid affair has demonstrated the true consequences of what happens when vulnerability collides with power.”

“For a variety of reasons, the vast majority of his victims did not feel they could speak out, and it’s apparent that some of the small number who did had their accounts dismissed by those in authority, including parents and carers,” it said.

Here is the link to the excellent New York Times article on this report:


The actual report entitled  “Giving Victims a Voice” can be found here:


They paint a chilling picture of the stereotypical child predator.

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Sexual Abuse Survivor Speaks Out

Barry Lopez wrote a powerful essay in Harper’s Magazine about being a survivor of child sexual abuse. National Public Radio also interviewed him and this interview is well worth reading.


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Seeking Information on William Airey When He Was Youth Group Leader at Brookwood Presbyterian Church

William Airey, former CEO/Director General of Moose International served as the head of the youth group at Brookwood Presbyterian Church, Columbus, Ohio in the 1970′s. I am interested in hearing from anyone who was a member of that youth group during the time of William Airey’s leadership.


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Sex Abuse Charges Against Former Clayton, N.C. School Teacher

Six students have now come forward with allegations of being abuse by their former teacher Paul Clifton Canally.  It is often the case that additional victims come forward after an initial report of abuse is made.



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No Religious Exemption When It Comes to Abuse

Today’s New York Times ran a very thoughtful article about how child abusers can be in any religious or secular institution.


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Prep School Deals With Sexual Misconduct by Headmaster

The Brooks School, an exclusive prep school in Massachusetts, revealed sexual misconduct by its former Headmaster. It is interesting to note that the school recently sent out letters “to alumni, parents and others” asking if anyone had personal knowledge that called into question the headmaster’s conduct. The school also revealed that they had conducted an investigation which involved outside legal counsel.  The Brooks School’s response  stands in stark contrast to that of Moose International when more serious allegations were lodged against William Airey, then CEO and Director General.


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A Voice for Victims and Survivors of Sexual Abuse

Questions that Moose International Needs to Answer about William Airey and Senior Management

When Moose International spokesperson first commented on the lawsuit brought by my client Jason Peck against then CEO and Director General William Airey, he stated that upon  Mr. Airey’s return from vacation, Moose International would investigate the matter and decide what needed to be done. Eight days later Moose International issued a press release which said that Mr. Arey had “retired” effective immediately but would remain as a consultant to Moose International through January 31, 2013.Nothing was said about any investigation. Moose International leadership have not stated anything else about the matter, which leads to many important questions:

1. Does William Airey still have access to the children at Mooseheart?

2. Does William Airey’s “retirement” end the matter as far as the leadership of Moose International is concerned or are they conducting any kind of investigation into Mr. Airey’s past conduct with children?

3.How could the leadership allow Mr. Airey to consult and help train their new CEO, without first conducting an in depth investigation into William Airey?

4. How long was William Airey’s contract of employment with Moose International and will he continue to be paid the approximately $250,000 per year in salary,perks and benefits that he received as Director General and CEO.

5. Have there been other accusations of sexual misconduct with a child at Mooseheart made against any former executives of Moose International and if so, how did the leadership deal with such accusations?

The hundreds of thousands of Moose members and the general public are entitled to have these questions answered.

Seth Langson, Attorney at Law
A Voice for Victims of Sex Abuse