When Ignorance is Not Bliss Nor Believable

Last week, it was an American Bishop who made the claim that he did not know that childhood sex abuse was a crime. Now it’s an Australian Marist.



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Yesterday, the trial judge in Columbus, Ohio entered an order that allowed Mr. Airey’s attorneys to argue that the statute of limitations has run against my client, Jason Peck. William Airey has always maintained that the alleged abuse was too long ago. A hearing on this issue will be held in advance of the September trial date.  The hearing has not yet been scheduled.

Before moving to Aurora, Illinois, Mr. Airey was in charge of the youth group at Brookwood Presbyterian Church in Columbus. I am very interested in speaking with anyone who knew of, or participated in that youth group.

As I have posted before, numerous other men have come forward alleging that Bill Airey sexually abused them when they were children. Mr. Airey asserted his 5th amendment rights and refused to answer any questions about a number of the alleged victims who came forward.

Whether the statute of limitations has run depends on the facts of each case. Each state and country has its own statute of limitations for both civil and criminal claims. I strongly encourage all abuse survivors to review their situation with an attorney experienced in handling sex abuse cases.

William Airey regularly took children from Mooseheart school to his home and on trips. I have reason to believe that Moose International knew or should have known of Mr. Airey’s unfitness to spend time alone with children.


If you or someone you know was victim of childhood sex abuse by Bill Airey, please call my office at 704-377-1504.


Seth H. Langson, Attorney

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Infamous Irish Unwed Mothers’ Center was ‘Evil’ Orphanage for North Carolina Man

Peter Cochran, who is a resident of North Carolina, came forward to discuss how Tuam, was so bad for him and his family. Tuam has been in the news lately because of the nearly one thousand baby’s bodies that were found in a septic tank. It was run by the Catholic Church and the fear is that there are many other bodies of children that are at other similar homes.

Irish Prime Minister Enda Kenny wondered whether “there are other” mass graves. The second-highest church official in the country conceded more graves like Tuam’s will likely emerge. “The indications are that if something happened in Tuam, it probably happened in other mother-and-baby homes around the country,” Diarmuid Martin, the archbishop of Dublin, told Irish state radio.




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Is Charlotte Bishop Jugis Going to Become the Archbishop of Atlanta?

It was reported today that Archbishop Gregory of Atlanta might become the next Archbishop of Chicago. If so, then I believe that Bishop Jugis will become the Archbishop of Atlanta. I expect both announcements to come shortly. There recently was an article in the Charlotte Observer about an uproar in the  Charlotte Diocese.




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Bobby Price Case Status

The criminal cases remain open. Will the person who contacted me about this case, please call me? I am very interested in speaking to other victims and  helping them report their abuse to the proper authorities.


Seth H. Langson, Attorney

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Diocese of Trenton Claims that A Priest is not a Priest When He is Sexually Abusing A Child

I frequently encountered similar arguments in the 1980′s and 1990′s when I was representing victims of sex abuse by therapists. One therapist even argued that my client was only his patient during the treatment session thereby making it fine for him to have sex with her as soon as her session was over. That defense was soundly rejected by the jury which returned the largest verdict in North Carolina against a therapist for crossing boundaries and having sex with a patient.


I expect the Trenton Diocese’s argument to suffer the same fate.




Seth Langson, Attorney


Representing Sex Abuse Victims for Thirty Years

Important Update on the Pending Child Sex Abuse Cases Against the Charlotte Diocese

A very important hearing will be held on Friday, May 30th at 2:00 p.m. in court room 6310. This hearing will be open to the public and portions of the victims evidence will be discussed.  These are the cases against the Charlotte Diocese arising out of the alleged sexual abuse of children by Father Joseph Kelleher and Father Richard Farwell.

The Court will hear the Diocese’s Motion for Summary Judgment on the issue of the statute of limitations. If the Diocese’s motion is allowed, the victim’s cases will be thrown out of court. If the Defendant’s motions are denied, there is a substantial likelihood that the cases will proceed to trial.

We encourage anyone who wants to learn more about the evidence in support of the victims’ allegations, to attend the hearing.


Seth H. Langson, Attorney

Advocating on Behalf of Sex Abuse Victims for Thirty Years



Doctor charged with rape sues accuser, alleging slander

A follow up to a news story I previously posted.



Seth H. Langson, Attorney

Advocating on Behalf of Sex Abuse Victims for Thirty Years

Cop, rabbi, scoutmaster among arrests in child porn bust

Child Porn Bust in New York Illustrates How Sex Offenders Abuse Their Trust



Seth H. Langson, Attorney

Advocating on Behalf of Sex Abuse Victims for Thirty Years

Sex ‘predator’ victims sought





Seth H. Langson, Attorney

Advocating on Behalf of Sex Abuse Victims for Thirty Years