Preventing Sexual Abuse at College

This article is well worth reading. I especially liked the admonition that colleges and universities should consult with sex abuse victim advocates when they create a sexual abuse policy. Colleges lawyers and insurers often provide them with terrible advice which only worsens the situation for the institutions.

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China Grove- Immoral Adults and Organizations Enabled Child Sexual Abuse

China Grove-Immoral Adults and Organizations Enabled Child Sexual Abuse

This is one of the worst cases I have ever seen of adults and organizations protecting a child abuser. It is exhibit A for why we need to make the failure to report child abuse a crime. How much child abuse could have been prevented?

If the information in the warrants is correct, then many involved are likely civilly liable. That risk was not enough of a deterrent..Criminalizing such silence is an important tool in preventing child sexual abuse.


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Testimony in the Trial of Coach Scott Goins

Alleged Predator Scott Goins in Gaston County Asked Victim to Help Him Commit Suicide

Yesterday during the trial of Scott Goins, a former coach who allegedly sexually abused multiple children, there was heart rendering testimony from a victim. He swore that Coach Goins asked the victim to assist Goins in committing suicide. Goins claimed that he could not remember that incident.

Scott Goins


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Jim Barringer III, Accused of Sexually Abusing Another Child

Former China Grove, North Carolina, Teacher and Boy Scout leader Jim Barringer III Faces Additional Charges

Jim Barringer III. What better way to get the trust of the parents and children? The charges against him were initially based on alleged sexual abuse of children within the last two years. The new accusation alleges abuse in 1995. I suspect that there are numerous other victims who will come forward.

Jim Barringer III



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Three Men Arrested for Child Porn in Charlotte

3 Charlotte men charged with having child porn images

Donald Veazie, 70, Larry Trevathan, 56, and John Winterton, 42, were arrested this morning and face multiple felony charges connected to child porn images. Trevethan is a business executive who lives in Ballantyne.

This is so sick. I feel terrible for the victims and the families of these men.

Child porn North Carolina


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Charlotte Diocese Says it Settles and Pays for Counseling for Victims of Priest

This comes from a story on WSOC-TV.


CHARLOTTE, N.C. — Members of a support group for people abused by priests want the Charlotte Diocese to admit two priests molested children. Monday, the diocese applauded Pope Francis’ personal apology to four European victims. Pam Wennersten Laico became incredibly emotional as she spoke about how she said a local priest sexually abused her brother. “I can’t believe this one priest destroyed our family, destroyed our entire family,” she said. She and others are now calling on Bishop Peter Jugis to help the four Charlotte area men they say were sexually abused more than 30 years ago. “What has Bishop Jugis done for those four men to help them rebuild their lives and put one foot in front of the other?” Laico said. David Hains, a spokesman for the Charlotte Diocese, said they have made court settlements and paid for counseling. He said the diocese is also taking steps to prevent further abuse. “We have done 37,000 training sessions and 46,000 background checks in the last nine years. We do take it seriously,” Hains said. A judge recently threw out a civil lawsuit against the Charlotte Diocese. The accusers claimed they were abused by two local priests more than 30 years ago. The lawsuit was thrown out because the statute of limitations ran out. A criminal case against one of the priests was also dismissed because he was found to be incompetent to stand trial. Both priests were removed from ministry, but Laico said that isn’t enough. “I would like the Bishop Jugis to personally apologize to these victims and be held accountable,” she said. Hains said the bishop has apologized. Channel 9 obtained a letter from Jugis dated February 2004. It reads, in part, “I express my profound sorrow. [Sex abuse] is a crime.” READ the full letter here. Channel 9 asked to speak with Jugis on Tuesday, but as told he was unavailable for comment. Members of the support group say they will continue to fight, until they feel the victims receive what they deserve, and the diocese is held accountable.


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Charlotte Observer on Dismissal of Father Kelleher Criminal Charges

Charlotte Observer article about the Father Kelleher Dismissal.I encourage anyone who thinks prosecuting admitted sex abusers is important to speak out. Let Bishop Jugis, law enforcement, prosecutors, judges and your representatives in the legislature know how you feel. Let us hope that some day all convicted sex abusers have to spend some time behind bars.
Father Joseph Kelleher

Former Iredell County Teacher and Pastor Criminally Charged

Pastor Glen McCoy

Another clergyman  got criminally charged today, Pastor Glen McCoy. This time, the alleged abuser was not a priest. I wonder how many victims are out there. Hopefully, this case will be aggressively prosecuted.


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As I expected,the child sex abuse charges to which Father Joseph Kelleher had confessed, were dismissed today, due to his alleged health problems. This action took place nearly four years after Father Kelleher was first charged and after other victims came forward. This was one of, if not, the oldest criminal case, pending in Stanly County, NC.

Justice delayed was justice denied.


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Update on Father Joseph Kelleher


Today I learned that Father Joseph Kelleher’s criminal case in Stanly County will be heard at 2:00 p.m. tomorrow. The stated reason is that it is on for hearing to consider the report to the Court that Father Kelleher was unable to stand trial. It remains my belief that the case will likely be dismissed tomorrow, nearly four years after charges were brought.


Seth H. Langson, Attorney

Representing Sex Abuse Victims for Thirty Years