New Orleans Police Ignored Sex Abuse Victims

Another reason why so many sex abuse victims to not go to the police.


Seth Langson

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Changing North Carolina’s Child Abuse Reporting Laws

This is one of my top priorities for 2015. Under our existing laws, child sexual abuse only has to be reported if the perpetrator was a “parent, guardian custodian or caretaker”.. Abuse by coaches, clergy, other relatives and by many others is not mandatory.

WSOC TV interviewed me for a story they ran today.

At the end of that link there is a PDF of my analysis of the child abuse reporting requirements in every state.

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Priest Destroyed Victim’s Life

“He Destroyed My Life”

John Tominus is the fourth person to publicly accuse the Rev. Terence McAlinden of sexual abuse. How many other children were abused by Father McAlinden? If the Vatican does not remove him from the priesthood, we will know that nothing really has changed with the Church.

Seth H. Langson    Attorney and Child Advocate

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North Carolina Preacher Charged With Child Sex Abuse

According to reports from WSOCTV, a North Carolina Preacher in Iredell County is charged with child sex abuse.

According to the arrest warrants, the incident happened over a six-year period. Deputies said the victim was under the age of 10 when it started.

It seems like there are similar news reports almost every day.

Seth H. Langson, Attorney and Child Advocate

Working on Behalf of Sex Abuse Victims for Thirty Years


Jason Peck Case Against William Airey For Alleged Sexual Abuse Has Been Settled

I am pleased to announce that this case involving Jason Peck’s allegations of sexual abuse against William Airey has been settled.

Thanks to everyone from across the country who bravely came forward to help.


Seth H. Langson, Attorney

Advocating for Victims of Sex Abuse for Thirty Years

Violence to Children Endemic Around the World

One of the most depressing articles that I have read regarding the violence to children endemic around the world.

Seth H. Langson, Attorney and Child Advocate

Representing Sex Abuse Victims for Thirty Years


Bobby Price Pleads Guilty to Sexually Abusing Two Children

Former Youth Pastor Robert “Bobby” Price plead guilty to charges involving his sexual abuse of two children. When Price spoke to the court, he did not apologize to any of his victims.  No member of his family or members of his former church have ever offered an apology to my client. Robert Price, the perpetrator, was sentenced to sixteen-twenty months in prison, the most allowed under the plea agreement. The Cabarrus District Attorney’s office was superb and aggressive in prosecuting this case and in arguing for an active jail sentence.

It is very important that people understand that the guilty plea only covered the sexual molestation of the two men who pressed charges. If other victims do the same,  Bobby Price would receive a much longer prison term upon conviction. I want it to be clear that the guilty pleas today only applied to the two victims. If more victims come forward, he can be prosecuted and would undoubtedly be sentenced to years in prison upon conviction.

This guilty plea would not have occurred but for the two very brave young men who told the police about the sexual abuse. I hope that this will encourage other victims of Bobby Price or any other child molester to come forward. It would be a privilege to assist other victims contact law enforcement.

Criminal charges related to Bobby Price’s sexual abuse of children are pending in Charlotte.

Seth H. Langson, Attorney

Representing Victims of Sex Abuse for Thirty Years

Robert “Bobby” Price Criminal Hearing at 3:00 p.m. Today

Former Youth Pastor Robert ” Bobby” Price will have a hearing today at 3:00 p.m. in Cabarrus County Superior Court. This is in connection with the criminal childhood sexual abuse charges that are pending in that county. The courtroom is open to all.


Seth H. Langson, Attorney and Advocate for Victims of Sexual Abuse



More Sex Abuse Charges Against Orlando Caldrera

This is a follow-up to a story I previously posted. As expected numerous other Charlotte victims of Orlando Caldera, a former pastor at Memorial United Methodist Church have come forward. I suspect that there are numerous other victims from every other church or youth activity group with which he was associated.
I encourage any other victims to come forward and for their parents to contact an experienced sex abuse attorney to learn their rights.
Seth H. Langson, Attorney
Advocating on Behalf of Sex Abuse Victims for Three Decades

Preventing Sexual Abuse at College

This article is well worth reading. I especially liked the admonition that colleges and universities should consult with sex abuse victim advocates when they create a sexual abuse policy. Colleges lawyers and insurers often provide them with terrible advice which only worsens the situation for the institutions.

Seth H. Langson, Attorney

Advocating on Behalf of Sexual Abuse Victims for Thirty Years