Children’s Alliance

I am pleased to report that I am now serving as a member of the leadership committee of the Children’s Alliance. I encourage everyone to support them and it’s member organizations as they  tirelessly advocate on behalf of children in the community.

Seth Langson, Child Advocate/Attorney

Important Announcement About My Law Practice

After thirty years of representing sexual abuse survivors, I have decided to devote most of my efforts to child advocacy, instead of litigation. I hope to help people understand the interplay of various North Carolina statutes that create gaps that endanger children and other vulnerable people. I anticipate speaking to and working with more individuals and organizations on ways they can better prevent sexual abuse.

I will continue to help survivors deal with the criminal justice system and understand their options as to how to proceed. This will include helping the abused find an attorney, regardless of where the abuse occurred.

As examples of my new focus, I recently agreed to assist a new organization in Charlotte by serving on its board of directors and agreeing to be its vice president. I also helped a new sports organization improve their sexual abuse policies.

It has been a great run practicing law with Marshall Karro and Al Sellers of Karro, Sellers and Langson but I will be on my own in 2015. My new phone number is 704-968-9529 and for now, my e-mail address of remains unchanged. My website and Facebook pag Seth Langson Law on Facebook will continue.  Changes to reflect my new focus will be made on all social media sites  within the next few days..

I am grateful to all the therapists, attorneys, law enforcement personnel and district attorneys with whom I have worked. I could never have run my sexual abuse litigation practice without the remarkable assistance of my paralegals Vicki Norman and Franiece Thresher.

I have been humbled by the opportunity to represent sexual abuse survivors for most of my career. Their bravery and trust in me, serve as inspiration every day.


Please contact me if I can be of any assistance.

Sexual Abuse of Native Americans

The sexual abuse of Native Americans has been a major problem for decades. This is but the latest example.

Seth H. Langson, Attorney/Child Advocate

Dedicated to Protecting Children

New Orleans Police Ignored Sex Abuse Victims

Another reason why so many sex abuse victims to not go to the police.


Seth Langson

Advocating for Sex Abuse Victims for Thirty years


Changing North Carolina’s Child Abuse Reporting Laws

This is one of my top priorities for 2015. Under our existing laws, child sexual abuse only has to be reported if the perpetrator was a “parent, guardian custodian or caretaker”.. Abuse by coaches, clergy, other relatives and by many others is not mandatory.

WSOC TV interviewed me for a story they ran today.

At the end of that link there is a PDF of my analysis of the child abuse reporting requirements in every state.

Seth H. Langson, A Voice for Victims of Sex Abuse

Child Advocate and Attorney

North Carolina Preacher Charged With Child Sex Abuse

According to reports from WSOCTV, a North Carolina Preacher in Iredell County is charged with child sex abuse.

According to the arrest warrants, the incident happened over a six-year period. Deputies said the victim was under the age of 10 when it started.

It seems like there are similar news reports almost every day.

Seth H. Langson, Attorney and Child Advocate

Working on Behalf of Sex Abuse Victims for Thirty Years


Jason Peck Case Against William Airey For Alleged Sexual Abuse Has Been Settled

I am pleased to announce that this case involving Jason Peck’s allegations of sexual abuse against William Airey has been settled.

Thanks to everyone from across the country who bravely came forward to help.


Seth H. Langson, Attorney

Advocating for Victims of Sex Abuse for Thirty Years

Violence to Children Endemic Around the World

One of the most depressing articles that I have read regarding the violence to children endemic around the world.

Seth H. Langson, Attorney and Child Advocate

Representing Sex Abuse Victims for Thirty Years