Jameis Winston was Protected by Tallahasee Police and Florida State University When Accused of Sexual Abuse

A lengthy and very troubling Investigation into the sexual abuse charges made against Jameis Winston. Law enforcement and Florida State clearly put FSU football above all else.



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Charlotte Swim Coach Jaimie Thomas Banned for Life

Here is a follow-up story about the Charlotte swim coach who was accused of improper sexual conduct with a minor. He was permanently banned from coaching by USA Swimming.

The obvious question is whether he has acted inappropriately while in Charlotte.



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Florida State University Sold its Soul to Football

Is there anything about major college football that is not corrupt? Any coaches or administrators who are willing to risk the team’s success by suspending or removing star players from the team? The victim’s assertions that the Tallahassee police discouraged her from filing a complaint are very credible.  There are so many administrators and coaches who should be fired.

I am done watching college football.



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Exposing Sex Abuse in the Catholic Church

Today’s New York Times has an excellent report and video about this pernicious problem. Barbara Blaine, who is pictured in the video, is an incredibly brave woman.



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Italy Bishops Say They Don’t Have To Report Abuse

It seems like nothing has changed on this critical issue. So sad but not surprising.



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The Devil Made a Gaston County Pastor Sexually Assault a Woman

The Devil Made a Gaston County North Carolina Pastor Sexually Assault a Woman

What are the odds that this is the he has such problems with the devil?


A local pastor was charged with sexual battery. Melissa Benitez said she is still shaken after the encounter.
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Elderly Abuse at Westminster Towers in Rock Hill, S.C.

Last year I posted after a resident was sexually abused at Westminster Tower Retirement Center. Today, another report of elderly abuse there. At least this time, Westminster reported it to authorities in a timely manner. Local Fox News asked me about the abuse.




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Wave of Sexual Abuse in England’s Private Schools


Once again, it demonstrates how sex abuse victims are empowered to come forward when others speak out about their own abuse.

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Known Sex Offender York Pastor, Accused of Sexual Conduct with a Girl at Two Churches


Police have issued warrants for Cory Dean Moses of Charlotte, who was a pastor of New Mount Zion Church on Hwy. 321 and at Redeemed Christian Ministry on Ross Cannon Street at the time of the incidents. Both churches are in York, South Carolina.

In 2003, Moses was convicted in North Carolina of taking indecent liberties with a child.At the time of the crime, he was pastor of Faith Chapel Fire Baptized Holiness Church in Gastonia. Both New Mount Zion and Faith Chapel are members of the Fire Baptized Holiness Church of God of the Americas, which is headquartered in Greeneville, South Carolina. The police have not been able to obtain any contact information on this organization and Redeemed Christian Ministry refuses to discuss the matter with them.

It is obvious that these churches and organizations failed to exercise reasonable, if any, care to protect children. Either they failed to perform even the most cursory of background checks or they knew of Moses’s conviction and chose to ignore it.

It is sad to say that this could easily happen in North Carolina. North Carolina schools are not required to perform criminal background checks on potential employees. One of the rationales for not requiring such minimal checks was that requiring them would impose too much costs on the schools.

As an attorney who has represent sex abuse victims for three decades and investigated/handled many cases against teachers, I have learned that a criminal background check should just be the minimum starting point. Before anyone is hired by an educational institution, there is much more that should be done. I always investigate prior employers and the reasons for any change in employment, the number of times the teacher changed positions, legal filings and ex-spouses. You would be surprised at the number of times that an ex-spouse knew of allegations of  child sexual abuse by his/her former partner.

Shouldn’t we be taking all reasonable steps to protect children in our schools, instead of setting the bar so low?


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North Carolina Needs to Provide the Department of Social Services with Increased Funding

North Carolina Needs to Spend More Money on the Department of Social Services

A state report came out today that criticized both DSS in Gaston and Union Counties. Most social workers due a tremendous job under very difficult circumstances. While the demands on them are ever growing, North Carolina continues to reduce their funding. Let’s get our priorities straight.



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