Sex Abuse

It’s widespread. It’s often invisible. It’s under reported. It leaves victims feeling devastating and many others feeling hopeless.
And it’s impacted – and sometimes enabled – by a complex set of laws.
But what you can do about it is simple. And effective.
It’s child sexual abuse.
I can help your group or agency understand it, prevent it and see how long term change is possible.
For thirty years, I fought in the trenches representing abuse victims. But I don’t take these cases any more. I’m now focusing, almost strictly, on sharing what I’ve learned with others so that this horror can be prevented.
Besides taking predators to court, there are many proven and often simple steps individuals and groups can take to make kids safer. I want to talk with your organization about them.
I know the questions that all parents should ask before they choose a school, daycare, camp, or sports club for their son or daughter. And I know the steps that an organization should take to improve their sex abuse policies. (Remember, I sued many employers for mishandling these cases!)
I’ve worked with people, non-profits, child advocacy groups and other groups on steps to help prevent abuse. My law practice also involved working with organizations to improve their abuse policies. And I’ve consulted with attorneys, groups and individuals about child sex abuse cases.
I work closely with child advocacy groups like Brave Step and the Children’s Alliance. Ask them about my expertise.
For most of my career, I have been humbled by to represent brave sexual abuse survivors. Their courage inspires me every day. Let me share what I’ve learned from them with you and your organization.

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