Trust. Betrayal. Recovery.

You were brought up to believe that people and organizations had your best interests at heart. But if you were sexually abused, your trust was betrayed. I know you who come forward with allegations of molestation are extremely courageous. Having worked for nearly thirty years with victims of such abuse, I understand the life altering pain that follows this betrayal of your trust.  After the abuse, you need help so you can begin your path toward recovery.

I was the first lawyer in North Carolina to exclusively represent victims of sex abuse. Abusers and institutions will usually pay fair compensation only when they know the attorney bringing the claim has shown the knowledge, talent, and staying power to fight for you through the legal system.

Here are examples of types of North Carolina cases where I was successful in obtaining money for sex abuse my client(s):

  • In 2010, my client received the largest settlement paid by the Charlotte Diocese for sexual abuse by a priest. The abuser is currently in prison due to the client’s courage.
  • Numerous cases brought against therapists for sexually abusing their patients. Including the first and only jury verdict in the state against a therapist for sex abuse.
  • A claim against a national hotel chain for inadequate security after my client was raped at the hotel, even though the rapist was never found.
  • Numerous sex abuse cases on behalf of child abuse victims against clergy, youth ministers, daycare, Boy Scout leader, and a YMCA camp director.

Due to my years of experience with sex abuse, I am able to help you connect with compassionate professionals who will work with you to help your recovery.  I will also guide you through the criminal justice system, when appropriate. It will be your decision whether to have your name on litigation or choose to be anonymous.

I provide a free confidential consultation to discuss
whether you have a viable claim.

When you are ready to seek justice, I will fight to obtain compensation from those responsible for your sex abuse.

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